The Art of Marbling

How is it done?

Marbling is a very time consuming process. A seaweed extract, carrageen, is mixed with water and placed in a large tray or vat. This will thicken the water, which makes it easier to work with. To help the paint float on the water, oxgall is added which, also prevents the different colors from blending with each other. After the material is dry, the clothing items are put onto forms to ensure there are no wrinkles. 


Once this preparation is completed, the fun begins...


The paint is dropped onto the water and worked into the various patterns by repeatedly raking a comb through the water.  Once you have the desired pattern, the material is laid directly onto the water and the pattern is transferred to it. The material is then rinsed with clean water and air dried. It is then placed in the dryer to heat set the paint.


The excess paint is skimmed off the water with newspaper and the process starts all over again...

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