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Introducing Custom Orders! Do you have a favorite t-shirt brand? I know I do. Now you can send me your item for custom marblization! See the shop tab for more details.

Marbled Fabric in Teals, Turquoise, and Purple, Turkish Ebru, Japanese Suminagashi


 adjective \ˈmär-bəld\

 :  made from or decorated with marble

 :  marked by an extensive use of marble as an architectural or decorative feature

 :  having markings or colors similar to marble

Marbling is the ancient art of floating colors on liquid, arranging them to form a design, and capturing the image by making a contact print.  Although marbling has been around for centuries, very few people know about it.


The art of marbling has been found in many different countries; Japan, Turkey, India, Persia (present-day Iran), Italy, France, Holland, and Germany just to name a few. And now it's available in the United States!


At Shirleigh's Marbled Art we use this ancient art form to produce unique, one of a kind clothing items for all ages. 

Shirleigh Vinson is an artist out of Beverly Hills, MI. She received her Bachelor's of Fine Arts from University of Utah. After graduating, she moved to Michigan, were she currently works out of  her in-home art studio. Her main products are clothing, fabric, and drinkware. She has been marbling for over 25 years!

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