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Marbled Fabric in Teals, Turquoise, and Purple


 adjective \ˈmär-bəld\

 :  made from or decorated with marble

 :  marked by an extensive use of marble as an architectural or decorative feature

 :  having markings or colors similar to marble

Marbling is the ancient art of floating colors on liquid, arranging them to form a design, and capturing the image by making a contact print.  Although marbling has been around for centuries, very few people know about it.


The art of marbling has been found in many different countries; Japan, Turkey, India, Persia (present-day Iran), Italy, France, Holland, and Germany just to name a few. And now it's available in the United States!


At Shirleigh's Marbled Art we use this ancient art form to produce unique, one of a kind clothing items for all ages. 

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